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Our Inner Cheerleader!!! Guest post with AWESOME AUSSIE KATE!!!!

So happy and excited to have Kate with guest blogging for me. Kate is a runner and a Sweat Pink sister of mine from Down Under! How cool! As part of we are able to team up with the most inspiring and motivation people you could ever want to meet! So let me hand the mike over to Kate..........

Our Inner Cheerleader
Hello BetterBelieveFit-sters; my name is Kate, and I’m an Australian runner whose blog-land address is I write about all things running, and am currently training for my first marathon.
A little bit of Australiana for you! I live in Sydney.
Like Astrid, I think happiness is the best medicine, so I felt pretty lucky to have Astrid as my blog swap partner for today’s Sweat Pink Ambassador blog swap.
After a bit of thought, Astrid and I agreed that being able to motivate and encourage ourselves on our fitness journey is super important. And so the idea of the ‘inner cheerleader’ was born.
Having friends and family cheer us on is awesome. I can’t write enough about how its important it is to have supporters in your corner.

But a cheer alone won’t get us through. What made you start running/jumping/cross-fitting/swimming/biking in the first place? I’ll bet it wasn’t your husband or girlfriend going ‘yeah! Look at you, getting out of bed on this winter morning!’
But you’re out there anyway.
Here’s one of me, letting my inner cheerleader give me a pep talk before a run
We know that motivation is 90% of the battle. More than anything, it’s your inner cheerleader who gets you out of bed, forces you to finish that long run, or keeps you awake at work after an early morning workout.
Some days my inner cheerleader is peppy and ready to roll. She’s waving her pom poms with pride, and at every mile I hit, she’s saying ‘yes, see, how easy was that? You’re amazing, keep going!’. Then there are other days, where she turns up dishevelled, her hair messy, and her make-up smudged. On those days she’s saying ‘well done, you’re doing great…oh forget it, let’s go back to bed’.
The day my inner cheerleader made me run through puddles...
While having a cheerleader is great, it’s important to keep him or her in check. I know that some people do this with a coach or a running group. But what do you do if you’re on your own? I can vouch for it being much harder! For example, I always found that I would get an amazing workout with a gym instructor in, for example, body pump, but could just never replicate that on my own.
These days, I set goals – a pace, a time, a certain landmark. As long as I go out with a goal, I know I’ll be OK. It gives my cheerleader purpose, and tells her when the training session is going to end. …That way, she looks forward to going off to the movies afterward, instead of looking at her watch and wondering how long it will be this time.
My cheerleader got me through a 10km race a few weeks ago 
For a couple of days now, I’ve been trying to write this post, and it’s made me think about my own inner cheerleader. Today, of all days, I realised just how powerful that inner voice can be. This morning, my chiropractor warned me not to run too much – which, 2 months out from a marathon, I the last news I wanted to hear.
I got upset, and I considered just sitting at home and having a good cry. Suddenly, good old miss cheerleader appeared, mascara smudged, but pom poms at the ready. She convinced me I should do my scheduled work-out for the day – interval training. I used that frustration as a power-burst, and moved my booty harder on the elliptical than I have in quite some time
Sometimes a bit of anger can really boost your performance!
Your Turn:
What gets your inner cheerleader going?
Have you ever been inspired by frustration or anger?
What does your inner cheerleader look like?
Has your cheerleader ever missed a session? How did you coax them back?

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OH MY WORD!!! Your all so freaking awesome!!! I have been dying to post this giveaway for weeks!

Such great stuff to send out! GYMBOSS TIMER!!! A super cute hot pink and grey tank from B.N. Shape Clothing, Power Pack of 22 Days Nutrition bars (SOOOOO YUMMY) and a MEGA sample pack from Vega..smothies and nutrition shakes!!! SUPER DOOPER YUM!!!
Follow the rules and LIKE the pages I made it SUPER EASY for you...NO EXCUSES! You must be a US resident ( sorry its going out on my dime <3) and you have to be a follower of Better Believe Fit on Facebook and Twitter ; )

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Friday, July 27, 2012 takes 21 days to make or break a habit huh???

When it comes to making changes for the better with your health and fitness you have to be aware and ready to give it time. 21 days at least to be exact ; ) It is hard you know this! To give up things you are used to eating...chips  and soda and making exercise a part of your daily routine.
Well HELP IS ON THE WAY!!! I recently came across a company called 22 days nutrition they make these YUMMY nutrition bars that are so good for you its kinda hard to think that they would ever taste good BUT THEY DO!!!

I am not Vegan but I often look for certified Vegan products when it comes to my snack and nutrition bars...I really don't need any dairy or animal products in my fruit and nut bars if you know what I am saying. Cheese has its own place and its not on my granola : )
22Days PowerPack
So 22 days nutrition bars are Vegan, USDA Organic, Gluten Free and Produced with solar energy! YAY FOR SUNSHINE : )

22 days nutrition sent me a Power Pack which included four of their bars...of course I busted it open to try one as soon as the package was in my hand ( did I mention I LOVE FOOD!)
The first bar I had the pleasure of wrapping my mouth around was the Cherry Chocolate Bliss .
I was very surprised and how AWESOME these bars taste, I mean I have tasted ALOT of vegan bars, I have even made my own at home but this was just SINFUL!!!
The bars boast a short list of OH SO GOOD FOR YOU ingredients....


Organic Raw Almond Butter, Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Gluten-free Oats, Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Tart Cherries, Organic Dates, Organic Dark Chocolate Chips-Non Dairy (Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Vanilla), Organic Freeze-dried Acai Powder (with citric acid), Sea Salt.

I LOVE that they are mostly ORAGNIC and RAW ingredients. This sweet little package is loaded up with good for you foods.

Here are their words on this particular bar....

Nutritional Highlights

Organic Raw almonds abound!

Do you fall in love easily? Have you ever walked up to a stranger and said - "I don't know you - but I think I love you? Cherries, cocoa and almond keep that feeling alive with heart healthy and immune boosting qualities that enhance your mood and your energy - capturing your heart with no strings attached!

Red Tart Cherries-keep you on top!

It's believed that cherries can help reduce muscle and joint soreness due to anthocyanin, a photochemical that reduces inflammation. In addition, red tart cherries can lower levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides if you add them to your regular diet. Because of this phenomenon, it’s believed that these tasty devils prevent fat distribution in the body, lower blood sugar levels and reduce fat storage in the liver. How’s that for the cherry on top?

Açai of relief

Studies have shown that acai fruit pulp has more antioxidant power than cranberries, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Antioxidants are known to play an important role in the body’s cell protection system. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants can slow down the process of aging and disease by lessening or neutralizing the destructive powers of free radicals.

Cherry Chocolate Bliss

cherry logo Cherry Chocolate Bliss is a vegan nutrition bar bursting with deliciously rich flavor. Organic tart cherries, organic dates, and organic acai make this organic breakfast bar full of flavor and goodness and a perfect way to start your day in a blissfully good mood.

I could not have said it better myself!

Some of the other bars to try are
They are VERY YUMMILICIOUS!!! (YES that is a word, in  my world!)
I especially liked the daily Mocha Mantra since I am a true Coffee lover, I felt like it was an espresso if food form! YUM! To know that your nutrition bar only includes..well...nutritious REAL FOOD, its a mega bonus in my book. I just despise picking up a treat that looks good on the outside but in reality is NOT GOOD FOR MY INSIDES!!! I want my food to bring me energy and strength and make my tummy happy! These bars do the trick. I was on a Wal-Mart adventure (not so much) the other day and had slipped the Enlightened Pumpkin Seed bar in my bag that morning, well..THANK HEAVENS I did it saved me from temptation of grabbing junk because my stomach was about to eat my backbone and then I remembered!!! THE BAR!!! YAY, I broke it open and SWEET RELIEF! Even my 22 month old enjoyed it and that is saying ALOT when it comes to kids and their taste buds!!!!
So go check out 22 days and seriously these are worth a try!
If you want to try them before you buy them then you need to stick around for Better Believe Fit's 4000 LIKES Big GIVEAWAY!!!! You will get a Power Pack in your prize box along with some other awesome goodies to be announced!!!

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"Wear" is your inspiration....

YES!! I know i spelt it "w-e-a-r" but it is totally OKAY....Read on... ; ) So I have seen many many gym
t-shirts on the web, on people's back's and in stores. It started my to wonder, is this shirt REALLY an inspiration to me to work out and get fitter???
Who is the person who came up with this, why did they make it??? Was it simply for the $$$ appeal, or was it to make me feel like I ROCK when I wear it , so I will be more likely to work twice as hard so I can represent what it says on my back ( or front).

A rockin chick Johanna-Baynen posted a link on Better Believe Fit for BN Shape Clothing. I went to the site and took a look at their gear. I LIKE! I then sent them an msg to find out more about the company and what they are all about. Main man Dr. Dozie Onunkwo is the founder of B.N. Shape Clothing, he got back to me himself right away and gave me his story. He had struggled with weight and fast food issues for a looong time, very similar to my own struggles. When the movie "300" came out he went to see it and it was a life changer for him! ME TOO!!! I mean really who was not amazed and inspired by Leonidas and his BAD A$$ physique WOOOO!!!! Can we say SMOKIN!!! WHeeew! Give me a minute to compose myself here LOL I do love some Gerard Butler ; P
So Dr. Onunkwo kicked the fast food habit and turned his life around all the while getting his PHD! Wow now that is AWESOME!!! You can read all about it in his blog post here!  Take a look at those MUSCLES!!!! Leonidas WATCH out!!! Dr. Onunkwo is on the scene!!!
After learning all about the transformation and the inspiration that is behind B.N. Shape clothing I really wanted to share it with you guys!
I DO LOVE BEING IN SHAPE!!! I am super proud of it and so should you!!!!
Even more awesome B.N. Shape clothing sent me a super cute tank ; ) and one to giveaway!!! HOORAY!!! I know how much you love free stuff!!! They even threw in these rockin bracelets that say " I love being in shape : )

When we have our 4000 Likes Giveaway you will have a chance to win a tank and bracelets from B.N. Shape : ) AWESOME!!!! Don't forget to hit the LIKE button when your checking out the B.N. Shape Facebook page and head over to the site to see all they have to offer along with some really awesome blog posts and fitness advice!!!
Next time your tempted to drop $20 or $30 on a gym T-shirt ask yourself why, and does it really inspire you!

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Mindy Bobe!!! COME ON DOWN..... You  are my winner!!! YAYYYY....CONFETTI!!! WOO HOOOOO ; )

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Thank you all for entering ; ) Stay tuned because I am having a MEGA giveaway when we reach 4000 LIKES on Better believe fit HOORAY!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

They say I am a bit of a HANDFUL!!!

So yeah, I can be a bit of a handful but since I have had babies and nursed them both and lost over 60lbs my handfuls are...well...lets just say not as they once were ; )
As we all know breast tissue is mainly fat and when you loose fat your breasts tend to deflate...a lot. So when it comes to a sports bra I usually ended up with a very boyish flattened out uni-boob pancake type of look. VERY SEXY...NOT! I want to be clear I LOVE MY BODY...flat deflated boobies and all ; ) They fed my babies well and that's enough for me! So any way back to the whole sports bra issue, yeah flat and smashed down is how I liked it because I felt safe and contained. No worries of falling out during a handstand push up, or unnecessary bouncing during a burpee. I also like to wear my sports bra's pretty much all the time, when I do put on a regular bra my hub's is like WOAH! You have lady lumps! HA HA.

So when i saw a review on The Athletarian blog for Handful Sports Bra's I HAD to try them out! Handful claimed to be supportive, pretty, and comfortable and NO UNI-BOOB! Let me at em!!!

I contacted the fantastic ladies and asked them ever so nicely "Pretty PLEASE! I want to try this amazing bra!" So they were more than happy to send a couple my way to try out and give them a test run so I could tell you what I thought! SWEET!

I got my first Handful in the mail and i had asked for a Small which are for Cup sizes 34A-34C+, i really liked the mesh washing bag that it comes in, GREAT IDEA to keep your bra in good shape longer and so you don't loose the shaping inserts. I put mine on as soon as i got it and you know that sound in the movies that they make when the heavens open or the treasure is discovered...YEAH! I heard it! Awesome! LOVED IT SO MUCH I MADE A MOTIVATIONAL PIC!!!

First thing I noticed was how very comfortable it is, the straps are nice and thin so you can wear it with pretty much anything you want and they did not cut into my shoulders at all, no matter how much I jumped up and down. Then they do this great cinchey thing in the middle of the front of the bra which really helped against the uni-boob and it looks nice, it give the front of the bra a very nice neck line.
It has such a nice shape that I wore it all day with one of my favorite sundresses and felt so comfortable and confident, I even slept in it!!!

Now THAT'S COMFORTABLE! The cup inserts give me WONDERFUL shape and keep things looking up. They also save me from blinding anyone with my high beams ; D

Now since I am right on the line for the extra small (32A-32C+) I wanted a really good higher impact bra, so I asked if they could send me the smaller size. I got my pink handful in the mail today and I am over the moon happy with the fit. The small size bra was great, it was shapely and supportive enough for medium to high impact exercise, the x-small is FANTASTIC!!! If an ogre grabbed me and picked up by my feet and shook the living daylights out of me I don't think I would worry for one second that I may have a wardrobe malfunction! SCORE!!!

So my wish is for you to try out the Handful Bra, go check them out at and give them a LIKE on Facebook tell that I sent you and I am sending you with my ULTIMATE LOVE AND APPRECIATION!!! Seriously I love this bra that much! Also a little bird told me they are going to have some new Handful's to come out in the fall!!! YAY!!!!
So give your girls a lift! Go out and EAT CLEAN, WORK HARD, LOVE YOURSELF!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


So if you folks were around lately you may have heard me RAVING about PB2!!! I did a blog post about this awesome stuff the other day and I gave you an idea of how FREAKIN YUMMY the PB2 is.

Well since then I have been trying it in EVERYTHING! I put it in my Greek Yogurt, in my protein shakes, in my oatmeal. It is GREAT!!! So great that I wanted you to have a chance to try it, then tell all your friends how cool it is. I sent Bell Plantation a copy of my blog review that I shared with you and I told them how much I loved them and that I wanted to share the love. GUESS WHAT!!! They want you to try it too!!! So they sent me some and I am gonna give it to one lucky Better Believe Fit follower! YAYYY!!!!!

Go Check out PB2 
Give em a like ; )

 I would LOVE for you to follow my Blog ; )
 Come and LIKE my page BetterBelieveFit

TO ENTER TO WIN: Just leave a comment on here and tell me why you want to try PB2 ; P

I will pick a winner Friday July 20th by 12 Midnight EST.


Monday, July 9, 2012

PB2 Review! and recipe for "NAKED ELVIS" protein shake!!!! OOoohh LA LA!

HEY PEEPS! I am going to tell you all about the newest product in my pantry ; )
PB2 is powdered peanuts! I mean this is some real spaceman kinda stuff LOL I LOVE IT! So let me tell you more about why, and then I will tell ya some how! Take a look at the difference in the nutrition on traditional peanut butter and PB2. WHaaaatttt!!! OKAY look again after you close your mouth and get that CRAZY look off your face! HA HA


2 Tbsp – 190 calories
2 Tbsp – 45 calories
Calories from fat - 130
Calories from fat – 13
Saturated fat – 3 grams
Saturated fat – 0 grams

I went over to Bell to see what they could tell me about how they make this yummy stuff! Their word's "Through a unique process that doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals and doesn’t alter nature’s intended balance found within the peanut, we remove over 85% of the fat from premium quality peanuts. Essentially, the oil is squeezed out of roasted peanuts and what remains is our famous powdered peanut butter – all natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives"

So let me get this's still peanut butter, just less calories and fat and you did not add anything, ya just took out the stuff that keeps me from eating peanut butter all the time! All I have to do is add water to make it spreadable and I can pretty much add it to anything my little heart desires???HALLELUJAH!!!! PB2 people if you were here now I would be giving you a HUGE KISS!!!

How do I get my PB2 fix....1 cup of Greek yogurt, 2 tbsp of PB2 mixed in, and 1/2 tbsp of raw honey! MAGIC IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!

This morning I decided to make my hubby a protein shake and I named it the "NAKED ELVIS!" HA HA! We all know how Elvis loved his peanut butter and banana's....fried on bread like a grilled cheese! Ahhh not so much here. I made this awesome breakfast with the following:

8 oz of Almond/Coconut Milk
1 med banana
2 tbsp PB2
1 Scoop of Whey protein powder
Blend with ice!

Out of 5 stars i am giving PB2 6 and a 1/2 STARS!!!! This stuff is great and I can see a million other recipes coming to this page soon with PB2!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sunday!!! Its HOT as well.....IT"S FLIPPIN HOT!!! So what better thing to do than get your sweat on with your hubby flipping some tires! I worked out this after noon and did the ZWOW #24 by Zuzana Light. It was a 10 min AMRAP and I did get a good sweat on , the Prisoner get ups were pretty tricky. But I just wanted to do more ; ) Some times 10 minutes is just not enough, I mean I LIKE TO WORK OUT! A 10 minute massage would feel like a tease, wouldn't it??? YEAH! IT WOULD!
So my beefcake hubby was outside flipping the tires and using them for farmers walks and doing 100lb thrusters. HA HA he is a MACHINE I tell ya! SOoooooOooo I could not resist, I joined him : ) Box jumps on the big tire and flipping my smaller tire in 100 degree weather! It was a bonding time for sure! I did some deadlift too. I for sure used up that extra energy i had and IT WAS FUN!
I guess that is what I am really getting to, make your work outs fun. Do an AMRAP, go for a run with a  friend. Go Swim. CLIMB A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN!!! Just get out there and ENJOY this life and give your body the hard work and exercise it craves! You may not think that it WANTS to work out, YOUR BRAIN is telling you that its more fun to sit around and be lazy, let your body take over and get those endorphins pumping!!! YOU WILL THANK ME!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Quick post ; ) Just want to touch base and talk about actually "DOING IT" and when i say that I mean, walking the walk of getting fit and healthy. For so long i would talk about how I wanted to loose weight and get in shape, how I needed to eat better, to be more motivated. All this talk would eventually make me even more frustrated because it would make me realize how lazy I was when it came to my health and also that I was full of CRAP when I talked about getting in shape.
The day that I stopped saying "I'm going to" and just did it was the best thing EVER!!!
To make a plan and stick to it is VERY empowering! WOW I mean I actually had control over this, no longer did I feel like I was loosing the battle.
YES it took time, and i am still a work in progress. I think that you just have to know that your health is an every day commitment, a completely worth while one!
These are a few things that I KNOW.....
Every day that I work out and I mean REALLY WORK OUT (lots of sweat,worn out,give it all ya got!) I feel GREAT!!! Better mood, more optimistic, JUST PLAIN GOOD!!!!
Every meal that I eat clean I feel nourished, I feel energized, I don't have feelings of guilt or remorse over what I just fed my body.
Every day that I finish and I have done the best I can, adds another brick to the AWESOME me that I am building!
Better for my health, for my mind, so in turn i am better for my kids and my family which makes me so happy ; )
So to sum it all up....STOP TALKING and START DOING!!!
I recently posted this....

If you are eating processed junk food STOP...START eating clean, healthy fresh fruits and veg, lean meats and some dairy.
If you drink sugar laden soda or soft drinks STOP....START drinking WATER H20 !!!
If your lazy and don't work out STOP...START moving, get active, DO SOMETHING!!!
Try these and let me know how its working out for you!!!

Are we getting healthy??? You BETTER BELIEVE FIT!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trigger UN HAPPY!

I just want to take a minute to talk about trigger foods and binges. UGLY STUFF PEOPLE, JUST UGLY!!! I still struggle with the old mind set that once i have eaten one cookie or brownie that I might as well go ahead and get the whole pan and put ice cream on top and sit there and go into a sugar frenzy eating it. ITS NUTS!!! It has taken me A LONG time to get this into my skull that it does not have to be that way. If I have a cookie, i should be able to enjoy that one cookie and walk away. If there are foods that you know will send you into a binge or that will bring on the guilt so hard and heavy you just feel like giving up all your hard work and efforts , well you just have to decide what is more important.
 I know that I cant have cookies and cakes in my kitchen because I WILL EAT THEM!!! OH and PLEASE don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good old cookie. But there is something wrong when you can't have just one and walk away.
Self control is one of the hardest emotions to deal with when you LOVE food, and know this to be true, I LOVE FOOD!!!  I used to get mad, PISSED OFF because I would want to eat certain foods and I would struggle and wrestle with myself over whether it was worth it, should i, shouldn't I and then i would just cave.
But guess what, i finally figured somthing out. This took me about 3 years to figure out once I had decided to start getting healthy. I HAVE CONTROL! I feel a million times better physically when I don't eat the junk food, and a trillion times better mentally when I stop a binge dead in its tracks. That high I got from stuffing my face with all the forbidden food's will never ever match up to the feeling that has taken over me from gaining control over my health, my cravings, and myself.
So , YES, now and again I have a cookie or some cheesecake. I have these as a treat. Something to enjoy, not regret.

It is very hard when you have struggled with this for a long time. I KNOW. What I want you to know is that you can beat it, I WANT TO YELL IT, SCREAM IT, WRITE IT IN THE SKY if I must!!! YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!! You can, you can, you can. Gaining control of your life is a wonderful and precious thing. DONT LET THE CUPCAKES WIN : )
Are we getting healthy fit and happy??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A bit about me ; )

So I decided that in honor of reaching 2000 likes at Better Believe Fit, I would share with you a bit about myself and why I am so passionate about health. Not only am I amazed at how good healthy can feel, I am astounded at how simple it is to begin to bring health back into your life. I did not say EASY, just simple. EAT CLEAN, WORK HARD, LOVE YOURSELF!!! I just wanted to say that even though I love the fact that my body has rewarded me with dropping the weight and firming up, its even more rewarding to have control over my health.  : ) I relish knowing that what I am eating is actually benefiting me, its fueling my efforts in the gym, food is no longer a form of entertainment.For me personally to have done this, getting healthy, has changed my life for the better. I pray that you will dig deep and find what it is you need to reach your healthy, happy goals!
I have not always been healthy, far from it! I used to eat fast food ALOT, I would go through Burger King drive through on my way to work, super size EVERY THING and not think twice about doing it again for lunch. I never thought about nutritional content or ingredients, how what I was eating was making me feel. I went through times when I would try to loose weight, I would eat tiny amounts of food and by the end of the day I would be so hungry I would go nuts and binge on anything and everything I could get my hands on. Then I would feel so guilty and disgusted with myself I would purge. Even with that behaviour I still kept the weight on. I tried different diets...Atkins, Weight watchers points. They all led me right back to the junk food and the weight.
I was pretty depressed about the whole situation, but deep down inside I knew there was an answer. I also knew the answer required alot of hard work, and I was not sure if I was able to cut it.

About three years ago, i was in my closet going through my clothes trying to find one thing that fit. I started to wonder when was it that I stopped being important enough to make the effort to be healthy. That's when I decided it was time to make some changes. I bought a treadmill and I started to run for a minute and walk till I caught my breath and from there I just kept working at it. I took a long look at what I was eating. I cut out the junk food, tried to keep it healthy.My husband was a huge help, he had always been in a gym environment high school and college ball, weight training. He had loads of info he had gleaned from fitness magazines and online. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I really did it! I started to see amazing changes, i felt better the weight came off, I did not feel so worthless. I felt and feel like I can face a challenge and win! HA HA then you know what I guess I got a little too cute for my own good and I got pregnant again LOL . Seriously we planned this pregnancy, I did gain weight but I worked out the whole time and I did not go hog wild on the eating like I did with my daughter. I tipped the scale at 211lbs when i delivered with my daughter. So after delivering my son in Sept. 2011 I got right back on track and into the gym, but I still was not really seeing the results I wanted.
I did more research online , read more, watched some great documentaries (Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Food Matters) that really really opened my eyes to what I was putting into my body was sooooooo super important. I knew it was one thing to try to eat healthy but I had never really understood what it meant to eat clean. I discovered the Eat Clean Diet, I read up on it. I mean what could be more simple than eating non processed whole foods THAT SIMPLE!!! Sensible portions, real food!

I have been eating clean for about a year now, and I have been running regularly and I added in HIIT work outs (AHHHMAZING!!) those 20 Min. fat blasters are spectacular!!! I HAVE ABS!!!
I follow some wonderful pages who really helped me with my work outs and inspire me alot. Get Fit Naturally is one of them! I thank Lori for all her AWESOME workouts that got me on the HIIT band wagon ; )

So here are the dreaded before and after pics ; ) Me before I decided to get healthy and me after a really sweaty work out about 3 weeks ago!

I am excited and inspired every day by what eating clean and hard work can do for you mind body and soul!!! Its a wonderful thing these bodies we have, lets give them what they crave!!! Are we getting happy and healthy??? You BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!
XOXOX, Astrid!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So I had a though....I post AWESOME work outs EVERY day at why not start on the blog too : D So here we go....Lets GET IT!!!!
Warm up with 50 Jumping Jacks

3-5 Sets Depending on your fitness level
10 Burpees
20 Bicycle Crunches
15 Push ups
30 Mountain Climbers
10 Tricep Push ups 
20 Leg lifts
30 hi Knees
60 Sec plank

Come on by the page every day for a new post and some inspiration, and while your at it come LIKE us on Facebook too!!!!! See ya there.....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Its OKAY to be PROUD!!!! I just want to go over a few things with you guys!
When you are on your journey to happy and healthy and fit, when you make it a whole day eating clean and its a first, or you manage to pump out those hard as he## regular push ups (admit it...they are hard when your a beginner!) or when you run your first mile...YOU SHOULD BE PROUD!!!!
Let those accomplishments carry you till you have another and another and soon your just pretty damn pleased with yourself all the time LOL its called being happy! Don't let people try to make you feel like your being self centered, or that your a show off. If you work hard, and your humble, pride is a good thing. I'm not saying walk around the office saying " HEY LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO!!!" , although the first time you do a pull up its pretty hard not to ; ) Taking pride in your achievements is an important part of reaching personal goals! What fun would it be if every goal you reached you just swept under the rug and forgot about it, NONE!!!
So reward yourself however you see fit, and proudly wear that ear to ear grin all day if you want!!! IT'S OKAY!!!! ITS OKAY TO SAY " YAYYYYY ME!!!!!!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you FLEXIBLE??? When it comes to your work outs if you always do them at the same time, day after day and you have an unexpected change in your schedule, do you skip it, say it's too late! No time now! you take a breath, and say "OH Well! i will fit it in later!"

We can so often stunt our progress by being inflexible, not willing to work around obstacles. There have been many days that I just had too much to do during the day and my normal time mid-morning that I take to work out was just jam packed with MUST DO things!!! ARGGHH I would feel frustrated and annoyed, and seemed to subconsciously make the decision that if I didn't do it then it would not happen. I have heard so many folks say " If i don't do it at such and such time it just ain't happening!" REALLY!!??! Is this really a true statement or just an out, an easy excuse that if you have a long busy day your exercise gets shoved on the back burner! I say EXCUSE!!!
All this seems to do is add to the frustration of the busy day, you have to remember that your work outs bring a wonderful and much needed element of stress relief into your life. Not to mention those fantastic little fellas ENDORPHINS!!! If I could see them I would KISS them! They have brought me out of a funk many a time ; )
Not only will you get a mood booster, your being good to your body, it needs this exercise, it wants to be healthy, to be strong so it can carry you through your next tough day with ease. Your mind wants the chance to decompress by focusing on just breathing and pushing through another set or another mile. You want it ,deep down to end your day with a feeling of accomplishment and happiness that you took the time, any time, just for you! Because your worth it and your AWESOME!!!!
So next time your schedule it a train wreck are you still gonna get that work out in??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!! <3 U!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


OH YEAHHH!!! We are SO gonna do this!
I have listed all of you good and brave people who have jumped on my Burpee bandwagon : )
If you dont see you name, comment below and I will add you.
Please make sure to "LIKE" the page Better Believe Fit to ensure you are counted and kept up to date with the challenge! I WILL BE CHECKING UP ON YOU!

You can break the 30 up how you want, do them doesn't matter just get them done!!!
Kim Zion,Creating a Family of Lettuce Heads,Sandy Hill, Shahidan Shamsid-Deen, Tanya Wright, Eva Waldrop Lewis, Alondra Mendoza, Barb Moore, Lisa Wartner Craker, Julia Curry, Sabatino John Candelori, Patty Caristo, Mindy Fitness Journey, Heather Carson, Jj Johnson-Royer, Melissa Artiga Flores, Esma Kokol, Wendy Irving Pollak, Tammy Mosier Yarbrough, Rindy Gahnz, Allyson Whitmore Haynes, Lindsay Adams, Stacie Foy Sloan, Christina Medina-Wise, Kelly Johnson, Michelle Cyr, Megan Haddock, Sandy Hill, Lisa Thomas, Jakki Spry, Danai Marie Shnauber, Jaosh-Cae-Hutchinson, Krystyna Ekiert-Saja, Andie Rains, Corrin Burns, LaShawna Roe, Debbie Johnson, Janine McFarland, Willemina Medema Flowers, LaReisha Wright-Adams, Leah Shaffer, Patty Caristo, danyelle Ramirez, Shawna Rauch, Dawn Cournoyer-Paquin, Kristin Castaneda, kathy Wogen Kinney, Kristen Gerard Zeimantz, Tracy Chick Griffin, Ruth Eaton Armstrong, Charlene Fleming-Primeau, Patricia Jason Van-Horn, Jen Beagle, Kelli Moore, Carrie Cloutier Laudone, Courtney Leih, Valerie Goebel Peterson, Rebecca Decker, Casares Scott Thomas, Michelle Gupta, Molly Simmons Fulton, Jenn Curtis Danasius, Evren Sener, Alondra Mendoza, Maureen Hayes, Helen Corbitt Malony, ELizabeth Drummond Kulesa, Deniqua Robinson, Shannon Acuavia-Cinque, Lindsay Adams, Kali Wilson.Dawn DiNardi,Angel White Henne,Michele DiNardi Fields

WHEEEWWW!!!! Thats a grand total of 73 Better Believe Fitters that will be blasting out the Burpees for the month of March!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


In honor of LOVE and Valentines day I wanted to talk to you about your heart! What makes your heart feel ten times bigger and full of happiness and love ???? Do not say "CHOCOLATE" or "GERARD BUTLER"!!! Well you can, but that's not what I mean.....I had the opportunity to talk with some friends about volunteering, donating your time for a worthy cause.
That has NOTHING to do with love and valentines....contraire mon has everything to do with that gorgeous love muscle we all have...YOUR HEART!!!

I asked my friend Emily a couple of questions about her experience with being a volunteer, here is her take on it.....

Q:Do you think it encourages you to make healthier choices physically and mentally?
A:It can. Knowing that you are being used to help others can push you to take better care of yourself so you don't let them down or so you can do even more.

Q:Have you noticed any changes in your health and well being since you started to donate your time?
A:It really helped me to keep things in perspective. It's so easy to turn our focus on ourselves, but being able to see others in need really helped me to be more thankful for my own circumstances.
Q: Has being a volunteer affected how you view yourself and how choose to treat yourself?
A:It really made me feel good about myself to see that my life was making a difference and also to be able to model volunteering for my children.

So let me give you my own take on it, I have had the chance to be blessed  with enough extra time that I could do some volunteering of my own. I used to take my daughter (4 at the time) up to the local nursing home with me and we would just go and sit with the residents and chat, sometimes i would read to them, or we would pray together. I would spend maybe an hour and a half with them, and I must tell you that the feeling they gave me of love and appreciation fills my heart up to this day. My daughter loved it too and it was a great experience for her to take all the focus from her daily life and cheer someone else up. Recently I was allowed to help out at a local food pantry, the people there come from all walks of life and are truly amazing. I helped box up food for an hour or so, that was it...nothing extravagant, easy to do. The interaction with the folks there was so wonderful, people so thankful to receive, and helpers just so loving and caring in how they treated everyone. I still feel overwhelmed and so happy to have been a part of that.
These great feeling that I get from the time I gave carry over into my every day life. Happy people make better choices, I know that I do.!

So do I think giving of your time is heart healthy??? HECK YEAH!!!!!! I believe 100% that a happy heart is a healthier heart. When I feel fulfilled in my life, when I feel happy, and that I have a purpose, I make better choices for wise, I feel worthy of hard efforts to improve myself...eating right, exercise, positive attitudes.

Still don't buy are a few study results that may make you think twice about volunteering your free time.....

Americans' Changing Lives survey found that those who volunteered reported higher levels of happiness, life-satisfaction, self-esteem, a sense of control over life, and physical health

Researchers have also found that when patients with chronic or serious illness volunteer,
they receive benefits beyond what can be achieved through medical care.(Arnstein et al., 2002; Sullivan and Sullivan, 1997)

A number of studies demonstrate that those individuals who volunteer at an earlier point experience greater functional ability and better health outcomes later in life.
Using health and volunteering data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Center for Disease Control, we find that states with a high volunteer rate also have lower rates of mortality and incidences of heart disease. When comparing states, a general trend shows that health problems are more prevalent in states where volunteer rates are lowest.

AWESOME!!!! Healthier hearts, lower mortality rates! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?????

You can check out this link  or you can go to any local non profit organization and I am sure they would be happy to use your help. Your kids schools or local nursing homes are always in need of people to help out.


Acts 20:35

35 I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

8 creepy mystery ingredients in fast food | MNN - Mother Nature Network

8 creepy mystery ingredients in fast food MNN - Mother Nature Network

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can you AFFORD your fitness????

So I have been thinking a lot about need vs. want and how that plays into my health and fitness. Sure I want to have a gym membership to a nice gym, and I want to have new weights and work out gear. Sure I would like to be able to afford going to an upscale whole foods market...but the reality is I can not afford these things in my life right now. Nor do I NEED them to stay healthy and active. GASP!!!...WHAT?!?!...NO GYM??? That's right , no gym. Same old work out clothes???..YUP! These things had fallen onto my list of excuses of why I cant get in shape for way too long. I think they also play a role in alot of peoples ways of thinking. So let me break it down for you real fast. I am on a very strict food budget. Do I still manage to eat healthy whole foods??? You bet your bippy I do!!! I plan ahead, I make sure i buy foods that will get eaten and not wasted. I only buy enough produce for the week, so we don't have rotten fruits and veg laying around, I buy things on sale that may not be the prettiest but I know that they are still good and good for me if I eat them relatively soon. 
As for the GYM, well sure I would love to go hang out at the gym, pump some iron, make some new friends, but i don't. I work my butt off at home, i plan work outs, i do HIIT work outs, I put on my shoes and head out and run, I push up , squat, burpee, mountain climb till I have nothing left, till i feel like my quads are going to explode....and let me tell you I am in the best shape I have ever been in and continue to get better. I am working harder than I have ever worked out at the gym.   You may wonder why, well i think it pretty much boils down to this.....I MADE UP MY MIND TO DO THIS! i decided that all the excuses had to stop, I do not need to order special workout DVD's or new equipment, my body is a great machine and I can use its weight and my dedication to get me where I want to be.

So when you hear someone say "I cant AFFORD to eat healthy, or work out" its just not a truth, its an excuse. I did not write any of this to make anyone feel bad or to pat myself on the back, I am writing this in hopes that one person who really needs to be healthier will see this and realize that they can do it! YOU CAN MAKE THESE CHANGES!!! You do not need a fancy gym, or the latest  Lululemon work out pants, all you need is a desire to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. Also at  you can find the tools to get you started, great work outs, recipe's, and loads of supports from me and all the other Better Believe Fit family. You cant afford NOT to get healthy~~~DO IT FOR YOU!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Hopping at its BEST!

I have been tagged by Lori @Get-Fit-Naturally
for the 11 Random Things post!  So fun, cant wait to see all the fun answers!
Here are the rules:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. <!--[endif]-->Post these rules.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2. <!--[endif]-->You must post 11 random things about yourself.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3. <!--[endif]-->Answer the questions set for you in their post.

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<!--[if !supportLists]-->6. <!--[endif]-->No stuff in the tagging section about you, you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.
OK 11 random things...
I was born in South Africa
I am a mural artist
I have two children
I live for my morning coffee
I love visiting with elderly at nursing homes
I have 3 brothers, i am the only girl
I have never had short hair ( not brave enough LOL)
I have been in a real castle
I have a tatoo that no one will ever see
Sunny days make me extreemly happy!
I like foreign movies with subtitles
Lori's Questions for me
Favorite Book?  The Red Tent byAnita Diamant
Weights or Cardio? Both
What is your biggest fear? Looking back and having too many missed opportunities
What is your favorite TV show? Survivor Man
What is your favorite food? SUSHI!!!
What is your most beloved item? a book my Granny made me from magazine clippings when I was three, it still smells like her <3
What is your favorite gift to yourself? A good book, in the sunshine, alone : )
What is your favorite drink? Coffee
What would be your dream job?  artist, one that actually got paid LOL
What is your least favorite vegetable. Beetroot YUK
What is your favorite memory? Living in England when I was little ( till I was 11) and playing in the garden with our St.Bernard.
Here are my questions for you....
Favorite Color?
Favorite Song?
Bravest thing you have ever done?
Who would you like to meet?
If you won the lottery what would you do?
Fav work out song?
fav Actor/actress?
Favorite Cartoon?
Summer, fall, spring or winter, favorite one?
Mountains or Ocean?
Favorite tennis shoe?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Days of Health!!!

Lets start out by all saying together...."I CAN AND I WILL!!!" Do you think that 100 days of eating clean and healthy foods is a crazy goal??? I do not! I think you and I are extremely capable of doing this and with some planning and determination we will give processed foods the BOOT!!! We will invite onto our lives more energy, more positivity from accomplishing these goals, and not to mention oodles and oodles of ENERGY!!! YAYY!!!!

So how do we go about getting through 100 days...FIRST we set some short term goals that will in the long term pay off.

I have to set a goal for myself each and every day, I plan my foods out and my work outs. I make sure that I have snacks that are healthy on hand and I make every effort to drink enough water, at least 64 oz. Then I just do it. I don't allow for excuses, because I know as soon as I allow that internal dialogue to get started of "maybe later" or "just one bite" things are going to go the wrong way fast.

I don't look at my calendar and groan and think " UGHHHHH are you serious , i have to keep this up for how long ?!??!" I look at my calendar and mark off the day i just finished up and do a happy dance for myself because I just added one more day of health to my life, which by the way is just getting longer and longer the more I do this : ) I let myself feel proud, and I am proud of my body for accepting the changes I am putting in place.

So 100 days is actually a very short time if you really think about it! My real plan with this challenge is to help others to see that after you commit to health for this long, I seriously doubt your going to decide after you reach your goal and your feeling great, and lighter and stronger and more energetic and just plain AWESOME...Nahhhh that's not for me, I'm going back to the chips, soda and cookies, I prefer high blood pressure and health issues!

So lets give this a go....we will set daily, and weekly goals for ourselves. I will help out with recipes and work outs and I PROMISE to be a CONSTANT source of encouragement to you all, I am going to do this right along with you. I know there are going to be days here and there when you need to enjoy a meal out with loved ones or its a special occasion and you deserve a slice of cake..THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!!! Do not let those moments give you guilt or make you feel like you have failed. Because you have not, your going to enjoy your 1 slice (not the whole cake) and your going to be proud of yourself for watching your portions and then your going to have a nice big glass of water and look forward to another day of being the awesome healthy , happier you that your becoming!

So remember set short term goals that are realistic, achievable, and manageable. One day at a time, one week at a time, and before you know it you will be just glowing from how fantastic your going to be feeling. Plan for success, make time to prep meals and snacks. If you keep healthy food in the pantry and fridge your gonna put healthy food in your belly! Keep a food/workout  journal, so you can keep track of how much your eating and you can see how far you've come. You can challenge yourself in your workouts, do them again in 30 days and see how much you have improved. I am positive you will like the changes you will see and feel. <3<3<3 U!


We will start our 100 days countdown Monday February 6th 2012.
Take time this weekend to prep some meals (eating clean-food that includes lean protein, chicken, turkey, wild salmon, low fat dairy-Greek yogurt,low fat milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, eggs.Veggies.Fruit.Whole Carbs-oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa,wild rice. Nuts and Berries, a great tool is this site its full of recipes and meal plans) and plan on times for you to work out. If you want to join me, just make a comment below and I will make sure to include you on our weekly check in.
Please ask questions, if you need help or support just let us know! I want you to be happy and healthy, so any way I can ,I will help!!!


In 100 Days will you be Super MEGA OVER THE MOON proud?!?!?

Friday, January 20, 2012


I hear this phrase all the time...."WHAT'S THE POINT!". That usually comes after a conversation about not loosing, weight, having trouble with a good diet and finding time to work out.

LOOK, I know its hard! Its really hard when your starting out, its probably the hardest thing to do, when your asked to make life changes, stop eating the way you have always eaten, push your body to do work outs you don't feel like, or think you can do. But guess what I also know...ITS WORTH EVERY MINUTE, EVERY MOUTHFUL, EVERY EFFORT!!!!

I stopped in at a few of my favorite Facebook pages and asked them what was the best part and the hardest part of their health/fitness journey. Here is what they told me......

Get-Fit-Naturally the most rewarding part is being healthy and strong, i very rarely get sick. the hardest part is the same for everyone i think, staying motivated and staying away from junk when i get cravings, however, the longer you eat clean the less the cravings, but in times of stress most every one's bodies react the same - and the cravings come! LOL! thank you for asking! : ) Most rewarding is definitely seeing my wife and children live healthy lives with me. The most difficult is being disciplined when it comes to living healthy. Sometimes I just want to overindulge and sometimes I succumb to it.

Carlye Miller THE MOST rewarding is the way i feel. it really does make me the best mom, wife and friend i can be! And honestly i have always been into staying fit, but since having babies i couldn't just getup and go play some sand volleyball. so really the hardest part for me was just finally, after becoming a mom, just making working out a part of my life. and i will never stop!! :))

Mary Shares Fitness I'm still on my "journey" to get fit again, but the difficult part for me is eating healthy! When you are busy with kids, school, work,'s so easy to just pick something up fast. I'm finding that setting small goals for myself instead of changing EVERYTHING at once is working better for me! :)

Tish's Fit Tips-The most rewarding part, is feeling energetic, confident, and healthy! =) The hardest part is probably staying consistent with my diet, because I travel a LOT, but I have found ways to still stay healthy on the road! People you can do this! Just learn to make a few changes! =
) It isn't hard once you figure it out! =) Go ahead and share, i hope I can inspire others too!

Busy Mom Gets Fit For me the most rewarding part of being fit and healthy is the position it has put me in to help other people achieve their goals. I love working out, so the hardest part for me is the "food" part. I will always have to plan and strive to get better and better at a healthy diet.

Kettlebell Moms More energy to get through the day and actually liking what the scale says! The hardest part can be avoiding all the junk food! (But it's well worth it!)

So what can I take away from this??? It is worth it!
It is hard, it is a challenge..BUT...Its REWARDING in so many more ways than you can count! So please, please, if you are just starting out, be patient, stick with it and know without a shadow of a doubt that to live a happy healthy life is an amazing gift to give yourself!!! Your worth it and you CAN DO IT!!!

Is there a point to all this health and fitness mumbo jumbo.......YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

100+ LIKES!!!! WOOP WOOP!!! Time for a giveaway : D


I am so excited to have reached the first goal of 100+ friends here on Better Believe Fit!

To celebrate i am giving away one of my favorite things! A super yummy, loads of bright colorful pictures, HEALTHY cook book : D Since my journey into fitness I have become a real lover of a good, healthy, cook book. Salads and egg whites can get a bit boring. SOooOO try something new.

This cook book by Gillian McKeith offers a great variety of new and tasty recipies to try out. I have really enjoyed it, i hope you will too.
To be entered to WIN you must first go to Better Believe Fit and LIKE the page, come back here and leave a comment on the blog on why you want to be a healthier you !

I cannot wait to hear all the wonderful reasons you have to be healthier and happier!!! The giveaway will close at 12pm EST on Sunday Jan 22nd, then i will enter you all into a random winner generator and will announce the winner on Better Believe Fits Facebook page !

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

If I have to eat one more egg white..........

When I started my journey into the world of fitness, I was literally bombarded with "PROTEIN". Are you getting enough protein, how ya getting that protein, did you drink your protein, eat it in a box with a fox????? GOOD GRIEF!!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?

So I decided to do a little research of my own, since I am not a huge fan of daily ingesting loads of meat and eggs. Now don't get me wrong...and I will say this nice and loud "There is nothing wrong with meat and eggs!" just so we are clear. I strongly advocate buying hormone free, organic and local when you can. I know this is not always economical or possible for us all.....I digress...back to the protein : )

Usually, or at least I did, when asked about protein, meat and eggs came to mind. Then I started to wonder...why all this darn protein??? Is this the sneakery of the farmers of chicken and beef trying to pull one over on me??? Well the truth of the matter is....Protein is very important to the health and maintenance of our bodies..I will explain.

Why we need protein : It is necessary for our bodies to grow and repair muscles and our muscles burn a lot of the fat we are so desperately trying to get rid of. Protein provides structural and mechanical support to our bodies, it helps us keep moving during those hard workouts and help us in our daily range of motions. The proper amount of protein in your diet will help keep your bodily fluids balanced, you don't want that to get out of whack or you may end up with a nasty case of fluid retention other wise known as Edema ( that can make your whole body swell, TERRIBLE!) Protein in our body is busy carrying various nutrients and waste to where they should be. I learned that Hemoglobin is a protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from all the cells in your blood!

WOW !!! So thats why we need all that PROTEIN!!!

My next thought was " So i am DOOMED to have to eat eggs FOREVEEERRRR!!!!"  No, not quiet! (i tend to be a little on the dramatic side) .

Eggs and lean meats are one way to get in your good protien but there are so many other options out there that can fill your health needs....Just take a look.....

PROTEIN(gm/100 cal)
1 cup
3 ounces
Soybeans, cooked
1 cup
Lentils, cooked
1 cup
Black beans, cooked
1 cup
Kidney beans, cooked
1 cup
Veggie burger
1 patty
Chickpeas, cooked
1 cup
Veggie baked beans
1 cup
Pinto beans, cooked
1 cup
Black-eyed peas, cooked
1 cup
Tofu, firm
4 ounces
Lima beans, cooked
1 cup
Quinoa, cooked
1 cup
Tofu, regular
4 ounces

Peas, cooked
1 cup
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), cooked
1/2 cup
Peanut butter
2 Tbsp
Veggie dog
1 link
Spaghetti, cooked
1 cup
1/4 cup
Soy milk, commercial, plain
1 cup
Soy yogurt, plain
6 ounces
Bulgur, cooked
1 cup
Sunflower seeds
1/4 cup
Whole wheat bread
2 slices
1/4 cup
Almond butter
2 Tbsp
Brown rice, cooked
1 cup
Spinach, cooked
1 cup
Broccoli, cooked
1 cup
1 med.
(6 oz)
Sources: USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 18, 2005 and manufacturers' information.

All these awesome and healthy options! See, God knew we needed protein , but He also knows we dont all eat the same foods. So here is a long list to choose from. I love the fact that you can meet your protien needs with an egg, or a steak, or a bowl full of lentils : D

So egg whites, I am still going to eat you in the morning with my oatmeal, but I am now on a mission to try out all these other fabulous foods that are healthy, lean and packed with protien!

Bon Appetit !