Sunday, June 10, 2012


Quick post ; ) Just want to touch base and talk about actually "DOING IT" and when i say that I mean, walking the walk of getting fit and healthy. For so long i would talk about how I wanted to loose weight and get in shape, how I needed to eat better, to be more motivated. All this talk would eventually make me even more frustrated because it would make me realize how lazy I was when it came to my health and also that I was full of CRAP when I talked about getting in shape.
The day that I stopped saying "I'm going to" and just did it was the best thing EVER!!!
To make a plan and stick to it is VERY empowering! WOW I mean I actually had control over this, no longer did I feel like I was loosing the battle.
YES it took time, and i am still a work in progress. I think that you just have to know that your health is an every day commitment, a completely worth while one!
These are a few things that I KNOW.....
Every day that I work out and I mean REALLY WORK OUT (lots of sweat,worn out,give it all ya got!) I feel GREAT!!! Better mood, more optimistic, JUST PLAIN GOOD!!!!
Every meal that I eat clean I feel nourished, I feel energized, I don't have feelings of guilt or remorse over what I just fed my body.
Every day that I finish and I have done the best I can, adds another brick to the AWESOME me that I am building!
Better for my health, for my mind, so in turn i am better for my kids and my family which makes me so happy ; )
So to sum it all up....STOP TALKING and START DOING!!!
I recently posted this....

If you are eating processed junk food STOP...START eating clean, healthy fresh fruits and veg, lean meats and some dairy.
If you drink sugar laden soda or soft drinks STOP....START drinking WATER H20 !!!
If your lazy and don't work out STOP...START moving, get active, DO SOMETHING!!!
Try these and let me know how its working out for you!!!

Are we getting healthy??? You BETTER BELIEVE FIT!

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