Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sunday!!! Its HOT as well.....IT"S FLIPPIN HOT!!! So what better thing to do than get your sweat on with your hubby flipping some tires! I worked out this after noon and did the ZWOW #24 by Zuzana Light. It was a 10 min AMRAP and I did get a good sweat on , the Prisoner get ups were pretty tricky. But I just wanted to do more ; ) Some times 10 minutes is just not enough, I mean I LIKE TO WORK OUT! A 10 minute massage would feel like a tease, wouldn't it??? YEAH! IT WOULD!
So my beefcake hubby was outside flipping the tires and using them for farmers walks and doing 100lb thrusters. HA HA he is a MACHINE I tell ya! SOoooooOooo I could not resist, I joined him : ) Box jumps on the big tire and flipping my smaller tire in 100 degree weather! It was a bonding time for sure! I did some deadlift too. I for sure used up that extra energy i had and IT WAS FUN!
I guess that is what I am really getting to, make your work outs fun. Do an AMRAP, go for a run with a  friend. Go Swim. CLIMB A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN!!! Just get out there and ENJOY this life and give your body the hard work and exercise it craves! You may not think that it WANTS to work out, YOUR BRAIN is telling you that its more fun to sit around and be lazy, let your body take over and get those endorphins pumping!!! YOU WILL THANK ME!!!

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  1. i love the photos you are doing! thank you for joining last weeks blog hop!