Thursday, July 19, 2012

They say I am a bit of a HANDFUL!!!

So yeah, I can be a bit of a handful but since I have had babies and nursed them both and lost over 60lbs my handfuls are...well...lets just say not as they once were ; )
As we all know breast tissue is mainly fat and when you loose fat your breasts tend to deflate...a lot. So when it comes to a sports bra I usually ended up with a very boyish flattened out uni-boob pancake type of look. VERY SEXY...NOT! I want to be clear I LOVE MY BODY...flat deflated boobies and all ; ) They fed my babies well and that's enough for me! So any way back to the whole sports bra issue, yeah flat and smashed down is how I liked it because I felt safe and contained. No worries of falling out during a handstand push up, or unnecessary bouncing during a burpee. I also like to wear my sports bra's pretty much all the time, when I do put on a regular bra my hub's is like WOAH! You have lady lumps! HA HA.

So when i saw a review on The Athletarian blog for Handful Sports Bra's I HAD to try them out! Handful claimed to be supportive, pretty, and comfortable and NO UNI-BOOB! Let me at em!!!

I contacted the fantastic ladies and asked them ever so nicely "Pretty PLEASE! I want to try this amazing bra!" So they were more than happy to send a couple my way to try out and give them a test run so I could tell you what I thought! SWEET!

I got my first Handful in the mail and i had asked for a Small which are for Cup sizes 34A-34C+, i really liked the mesh washing bag that it comes in, GREAT IDEA to keep your bra in good shape longer and so you don't loose the shaping inserts. I put mine on as soon as i got it and you know that sound in the movies that they make when the heavens open or the treasure is discovered...YEAH! I heard it! Awesome! LOVED IT SO MUCH I MADE A MOTIVATIONAL PIC!!!

First thing I noticed was how very comfortable it is, the straps are nice and thin so you can wear it with pretty much anything you want and they did not cut into my shoulders at all, no matter how much I jumped up and down. Then they do this great cinchey thing in the middle of the front of the bra which really helped against the uni-boob and it looks nice, it give the front of the bra a very nice neck line.
It has such a nice shape that I wore it all day with one of my favorite sundresses and felt so comfortable and confident, I even slept in it!!!

Now THAT'S COMFORTABLE! The cup inserts give me WONDERFUL shape and keep things looking up. They also save me from blinding anyone with my high beams ; D

Now since I am right on the line for the extra small (32A-32C+) I wanted a really good higher impact bra, so I asked if they could send me the smaller size. I got my pink handful in the mail today and I am over the moon happy with the fit. The small size bra was great, it was shapely and supportive enough for medium to high impact exercise, the x-small is FANTASTIC!!! If an ogre grabbed me and picked up by my feet and shook the living daylights out of me I don't think I would worry for one second that I may have a wardrobe malfunction! SCORE!!!

So my wish is for you to try out the Handful Bra, go check them out at and give them a LIKE on Facebook tell that I sent you and I am sending you with my ULTIMATE LOVE AND APPRECIATION!!! Seriously I love this bra that much! Also a little bird told me they are going to have some new Handful's to come out in the fall!!! YAY!!!!
So give your girls a lift! Go out and EAT CLEAN, WORK HARD, LOVE YOURSELF!!!


  1. Love it! That bra is super cute!

  2. I'm just like you, breastfeed both my babies ( currently still nursing my toddler) and I live in my sports bras. I'm always looking for a good sports bra. so you can't get thses at any chan stores, like walmart, target?