Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Wear" is your inspiration....

YES!! I know i spelt it "w-e-a-r" but it is totally OKAY....Read on... ; ) So I have seen many many gym
t-shirts on the web, on people's back's and in stores. It started my to wonder, is this shirt REALLY an inspiration to me to work out and get fitter???
Who is the person who came up with this, why did they make it??? Was it simply for the $$$ appeal, or was it to make me feel like I ROCK when I wear it , so I will be more likely to work twice as hard so I can represent what it says on my back ( or front).

A rockin chick Johanna-Baynen posted a link on Better Believe Fit for BN Shape Clothing. I went to the site and took a look at their gear. I LIKE! I then sent them an msg to find out more about the company and what they are all about. Main man Dr. Dozie Onunkwo is the founder of B.N. Shape Clothing, he got back to me himself right away and gave me his story. He had struggled with weight and fast food issues for a looong time, very similar to my own struggles. When the movie "300" came out he went to see it and it was a life changer for him! ME TOO!!! I mean really who was not amazed and inspired by Leonidas and his BAD A$$ physique WOOOO!!!! Can we say SMOKIN!!! WHeeew! Give me a minute to compose myself here LOL I do love some Gerard Butler ; P
So Dr. Onunkwo kicked the fast food habit and turned his life around all the while getting his PHD! Wow now that is AWESOME!!! You can read all about it in his blog post here!  Take a look at those MUSCLES!!!! Leonidas WATCH out!!! Dr. Onunkwo is on the scene!!!
After learning all about the transformation and the inspiration that is behind B.N. Shape clothing I really wanted to share it with you guys!
I DO LOVE BEING IN SHAPE!!! I am super proud of it and so should you!!!!
Even more awesome B.N. Shape clothing sent me a super cute tank ; ) and one to giveaway!!! HOORAY!!! I know how much you love free stuff!!! They even threw in these rockin bracelets that say " I love being in shape : )

When we have our 4000 Likes Giveaway you will have a chance to win a tank and bracelets from B.N. Shape : ) AWESOME!!!! Don't forget to hit the LIKE button when your checking out the B.N. Shape Facebook page and head over to the site to see all they have to offer along with some really awesome blog posts and fitness advice!!!
Next time your tempted to drop $20 or $30 on a gym T-shirt ask yourself why, and does it really inspire you!

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