Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can you AFFORD your fitness????

So I have been thinking a lot about need vs. want and how that plays into my health and fitness. Sure I want to have a gym membership to a nice gym, and I want to have new weights and work out gear. Sure I would like to be able to afford going to an upscale whole foods market...but the reality is I can not afford these things in my life right now. Nor do I NEED them to stay healthy and active. GASP!!!...WHAT?!?!...NO GYM??? That's right , no gym. Same old work out clothes???..YUP! These things had fallen onto my list of excuses of why I cant get in shape for way too long. I think they also play a role in alot of peoples ways of thinking. So let me break it down for you real fast. I am on a very strict food budget. Do I still manage to eat healthy whole foods??? You bet your bippy I do!!! I plan ahead, I make sure i buy foods that will get eaten and not wasted. I only buy enough produce for the week, so we don't have rotten fruits and veg laying around, I buy things on sale that may not be the prettiest but I know that they are still good and good for me if I eat them relatively soon. 
As for the GYM, well sure I would love to go hang out at the gym, pump some iron, make some new friends, but i don't. I work my butt off at home, i plan work outs, i do HIIT work outs, I put on my shoes and head out and run, I push up , squat, burpee, mountain climb till I have nothing left, till i feel like my quads are going to explode....and let me tell you I am in the best shape I have ever been in and continue to get better. I am working harder than I have ever worked out at the gym.   You may wonder why, well i think it pretty much boils down to this.....I MADE UP MY MIND TO DO THIS! i decided that all the excuses had to stop, I do not need to order special workout DVD's or new equipment, my body is a great machine and I can use its weight and my dedication to get me where I want to be.

So when you hear someone say "I cant AFFORD to eat healthy, or work out" its just not a truth, its an excuse. I did not write any of this to make anyone feel bad or to pat myself on the back, I am writing this in hopes that one person who really needs to be healthier will see this and realize that they can do it! YOU CAN MAKE THESE CHANGES!!! You do not need a fancy gym, or the latest  Lululemon work out pants, all you need is a desire to achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. Also at  you can find the tools to get you started, great work outs, recipe's, and loads of supports from me and all the other Better Believe Fit family. You cant afford NOT to get healthy~~~DO IT FOR YOU!!!


  1. wow! greatt article! exactly what i needed this morning to get my butt off bed and off to my creation gym i made in the shed.. thanks a lot. :)

    1. YOUR WELCOME~~~ : ) A shed gym! Sounds awesome!!! Go get your sweat on!