Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Days of Health!!!

Lets start out by all saying together...."I CAN AND I WILL!!!" Do you think that 100 days of eating clean and healthy foods is a crazy goal??? I do not! I think you and I are extremely capable of doing this and with some planning and determination we will give processed foods the BOOT!!! We will invite onto our lives more energy, more positivity from accomplishing these goals, and not to mention oodles and oodles of ENERGY!!! YAYY!!!!

So how do we go about getting through 100 days...FIRST we set some short term goals that will in the long term pay off.

I have to set a goal for myself each and every day, I plan my foods out and my work outs. I make sure that I have snacks that are healthy on hand and I make every effort to drink enough water, at least 64 oz. Then I just do it. I don't allow for excuses, because I know as soon as I allow that internal dialogue to get started of "maybe later" or "just one bite" things are going to go the wrong way fast.

I don't look at my calendar and groan and think " UGHHHHH are you serious , i have to keep this up for how long ?!??!" I look at my calendar and mark off the day i just finished up and do a happy dance for myself because I just added one more day of health to my life, which by the way is just getting longer and longer the more I do this : ) I let myself feel proud, and I am proud of my body for accepting the changes I am putting in place.

So 100 days is actually a very short time if you really think about it! My real plan with this challenge is to help others to see that after you commit to health for this long, I seriously doubt your going to decide after you reach your goal and your feeling great, and lighter and stronger and more energetic and just plain AWESOME...Nahhhh that's not for me, I'm going back to the chips, soda and cookies, I prefer high blood pressure and health issues!

So lets give this a go....we will set daily, and weekly goals for ourselves. I will help out with recipes and work outs and I PROMISE to be a CONSTANT source of encouragement to you all, I am going to do this right along with you. I know there are going to be days here and there when you need to enjoy a meal out with loved ones or its a special occasion and you deserve a slice of cake..THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!!! Do not let those moments give you guilt or make you feel like you have failed. Because you have not, your going to enjoy your 1 slice (not the whole cake) and your going to be proud of yourself for watching your portions and then your going to have a nice big glass of water and look forward to another day of being the awesome healthy , happier you that your becoming!

So remember set short term goals that are realistic, achievable, and manageable. One day at a time, one week at a time, and before you know it you will be just glowing from how fantastic your going to be feeling. Plan for success, make time to prep meals and snacks. If you keep healthy food in the pantry and fridge your gonna put healthy food in your belly! Keep a food/workout  journal, so you can keep track of how much your eating and you can see how far you've come. You can challenge yourself in your workouts, do them again in 30 days and see how much you have improved. I am positive you will like the changes you will see and feel. <3<3<3 U!


We will start our 100 days countdown Monday February 6th 2012.
Take time this weekend to prep some meals (eating clean-food that includes lean protein, chicken, turkey, wild salmon, low fat dairy-Greek yogurt,low fat milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, eggs.Veggies.Fruit.Whole Carbs-oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa,wild rice. Nuts and Berries, a great tool is this site its full of recipes and meal plans) and plan on times for you to work out. If you want to join me, just make a comment below and I will make sure to include you on our weekly check in.
Please ask questions, if you need help or support just let us know! I want you to be happy and healthy, so any way I can ,I will help!!!


In 100 Days will you be Super MEGA OVER THE MOON proud?!?!?

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  1. I am totally in! I started eating clean "again" on Monday and I can already feel the difference. Thanks for this so excited!