Friday, January 20, 2012


I hear this phrase all the time...."WHAT'S THE POINT!". That usually comes after a conversation about not loosing, weight, having trouble with a good diet and finding time to work out.

LOOK, I know its hard! Its really hard when your starting out, its probably the hardest thing to do, when your asked to make life changes, stop eating the way you have always eaten, push your body to do work outs you don't feel like, or think you can do. But guess what I also know...ITS WORTH EVERY MINUTE, EVERY MOUTHFUL, EVERY EFFORT!!!!

I stopped in at a few of my favorite Facebook pages and asked them what was the best part and the hardest part of their health/fitness journey. Here is what they told me......

Get-Fit-Naturally the most rewarding part is being healthy and strong, i very rarely get sick. the hardest part is the same for everyone i think, staying motivated and staying away from junk when i get cravings, however, the longer you eat clean the less the cravings, but in times of stress most every one's bodies react the same - and the cravings come! LOL! thank you for asking! : ) Most rewarding is definitely seeing my wife and children live healthy lives with me. The most difficult is being disciplined when it comes to living healthy. Sometimes I just want to overindulge and sometimes I succumb to it.

Carlye Miller THE MOST rewarding is the way i feel. it really does make me the best mom, wife and friend i can be! And honestly i have always been into staying fit, but since having babies i couldn't just getup and go play some sand volleyball. so really the hardest part for me was just finally, after becoming a mom, just making working out a part of my life. and i will never stop!! :))

Mary Shares Fitness I'm still on my "journey" to get fit again, but the difficult part for me is eating healthy! When you are busy with kids, school, work,'s so easy to just pick something up fast. I'm finding that setting small goals for myself instead of changing EVERYTHING at once is working better for me! :)

Tish's Fit Tips-The most rewarding part, is feeling energetic, confident, and healthy! =) The hardest part is probably staying consistent with my diet, because I travel a LOT, but I have found ways to still stay healthy on the road! People you can do this! Just learn to make a few changes! =
) It isn't hard once you figure it out! =) Go ahead and share, i hope I can inspire others too!

Busy Mom Gets Fit For me the most rewarding part of being fit and healthy is the position it has put me in to help other people achieve their goals. I love working out, so the hardest part for me is the "food" part. I will always have to plan and strive to get better and better at a healthy diet.

Kettlebell Moms More energy to get through the day and actually liking what the scale says! The hardest part can be avoiding all the junk food! (But it's well worth it!)

So what can I take away from this??? It is worth it!
It is hard, it is a challenge..BUT...Its REWARDING in so many more ways than you can count! So please, please, if you are just starting out, be patient, stick with it and know without a shadow of a doubt that to live a happy healthy life is an amazing gift to give yourself!!! Your worth it and you CAN DO IT!!!

Is there a point to all this health and fitness mumbo jumbo.......YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!

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