Thursday, January 19, 2012

100+ LIKES!!!! WOOP WOOP!!! Time for a giveaway : D


I am so excited to have reached the first goal of 100+ friends here on Better Believe Fit!

To celebrate i am giving away one of my favorite things! A super yummy, loads of bright colorful pictures, HEALTHY cook book : D Since my journey into fitness I have become a real lover of a good, healthy, cook book. Salads and egg whites can get a bit boring. SOooOO try something new.

This cook book by Gillian McKeith offers a great variety of new and tasty recipies to try out. I have really enjoyed it, i hope you will too.
To be entered to WIN you must first go to Better Believe Fit and LIKE the page, come back here and leave a comment on the blog on why you want to be a healthier you !

I cannot wait to hear all the wonderful reasons you have to be healthier and happier!!! The giveaway will close at 12pm EST on Sunday Jan 22nd, then i will enter you all into a random winner generator and will announce the winner on Better Believe Fits Facebook page !

Good Luck!!!


  1. This is exciting Astrid.... YAY!! for everything you're doing reaching out to all who want to be a better FIT person. I'm choosing to be fit for my children... all 5 of them :o) I want to be the active mom who gets out there and runs and plays with all her kids. I want to BE THERE for my kids PERIOD! That takes making good food choices and to MOVE, you have to exercise and without the Y, I probably would not be as successful in that area. I'm not only doing this for my kids and husband but for myself, because I deserve it, eating right and exercising is not only good for me but it just makes me feel good and we all know when mom is happy everyone else is happy :o) I just want to get a head start too, my gene pool is not the greatest(obesity,hypertension,diabetes,variety of CANCERS) but I know if I take care of this body God has given me, then I know He'll be there when whatever comes my way.Lets face it, God gave us one earthly body and we should take care of His temple. Looking forward to that PERFECT glorified body in heaven, AMEN! Though I'm not perfect and still have areas needing improvement... work in progress always:o) Now I'd like to work on being truly successful in the area of food. Thinking this cookbook would make a great start ;o) I can't even stand the thought of eggs anymore, I'm so sick of them :( Those and protein shakes.... so done! So something different but with the same benefits sounds great! Look forward to more great things from you. God is good ALL the time!

  2. Love what Jennifer wrote....I could of wrote every word of that. Way to go girl! Having 5 kids myself I totally understand. You deserve that cookbook!