Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Better Believe Fit !

So here we go the "FIRST BLOG" i am sooooo excited to be on this amazing journey and I can already tell that it is going to be loads of fun,  we are going to meet some great people, learn some really awesome stuff....and the BEST part...we will be getting healthier and happier as we go!!!

Better Believe Fit is about getting to that pivotal point in your life where you have had enough of the unhealthy lifestyle and the depression and the mood swings and the crappy feeling from all the ...well..crappy food you have been eating and lack of those wonderful little endorphins that flood your brain when you work out ( I LOVE THEM!)

Better Believe Fit is about, what I think, to be one of the most important parts of getting fit and healthy...a positive, KICK BUTT, attitude. KNOWING that you are capable of doing this with the right tools. Getting motivation from friends who care, and getting your butt in gear and moving!!!

We will be talking about work outs that work! Food that is good for you and tastes GREAT! How to handle when your feeling less than motivated or if set back occur. We will also spend lots of time laughing and embracing this wonderful phase of the journey to a happier healthier you!!!

So are we gonna do this???? YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!

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  1. Good for you girl!! I'm in! What are some quick, easy, healthy, kid friendly foods or recipes for dinner after a long day and your in a big rush to through together dinner for the family?