Wednesday, February 29, 2012


OH YEAHHH!!! We are SO gonna do this!
I have listed all of you good and brave people who have jumped on my Burpee bandwagon : )
If you dont see you name, comment below and I will add you.
Please make sure to "LIKE" the page Better Believe Fit to ensure you are counted and kept up to date with the challenge! I WILL BE CHECKING UP ON YOU!

You can break the 30 up how you want, do them doesn't matter just get them done!!!
Kim Zion,Creating a Family of Lettuce Heads,Sandy Hill, Shahidan Shamsid-Deen, Tanya Wright, Eva Waldrop Lewis, Alondra Mendoza, Barb Moore, Lisa Wartner Craker, Julia Curry, Sabatino John Candelori, Patty Caristo, Mindy Fitness Journey, Heather Carson, Jj Johnson-Royer, Melissa Artiga Flores, Esma Kokol, Wendy Irving Pollak, Tammy Mosier Yarbrough, Rindy Gahnz, Allyson Whitmore Haynes, Lindsay Adams, Stacie Foy Sloan, Christina Medina-Wise, Kelly Johnson, Michelle Cyr, Megan Haddock, Sandy Hill, Lisa Thomas, Jakki Spry, Danai Marie Shnauber, Jaosh-Cae-Hutchinson, Krystyna Ekiert-Saja, Andie Rains, Corrin Burns, LaShawna Roe, Debbie Johnson, Janine McFarland, Willemina Medema Flowers, LaReisha Wright-Adams, Leah Shaffer, Patty Caristo, danyelle Ramirez, Shawna Rauch, Dawn Cournoyer-Paquin, Kristin Castaneda, kathy Wogen Kinney, Kristen Gerard Zeimantz, Tracy Chick Griffin, Ruth Eaton Armstrong, Charlene Fleming-Primeau, Patricia Jason Van-Horn, Jen Beagle, Kelli Moore, Carrie Cloutier Laudone, Courtney Leih, Valerie Goebel Peterson, Rebecca Decker, Casares Scott Thomas, Michelle Gupta, Molly Simmons Fulton, Jenn Curtis Danasius, Evren Sener, Alondra Mendoza, Maureen Hayes, Helen Corbitt Malony, ELizabeth Drummond Kulesa, Deniqua Robinson, Shannon Acuavia-Cinque, Lindsay Adams, Kali Wilson.Dawn DiNardi,Angel White Henne,Michele DiNardi Fields

WHEEEWWW!!!! Thats a grand total of 73 Better Believe Fitters that will be blasting out the Burpees for the month of March!!!!

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