Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you FLEXIBLE??? When it comes to your work outs if you always do them at the same time, day after day and you have an unexpected change in your schedule, do you skip it, say it's too late! No time now! you take a breath, and say "OH Well! i will fit it in later!"

We can so often stunt our progress by being inflexible, not willing to work around obstacles. There have been many days that I just had too much to do during the day and my normal time mid-morning that I take to work out was just jam packed with MUST DO things!!! ARGGHH I would feel frustrated and annoyed, and seemed to subconsciously make the decision that if I didn't do it then it would not happen. I have heard so many folks say " If i don't do it at such and such time it just ain't happening!" REALLY!!??! Is this really a true statement or just an out, an easy excuse that if you have a long busy day your exercise gets shoved on the back burner! I say EXCUSE!!!
All this seems to do is add to the frustration of the busy day, you have to remember that your work outs bring a wonderful and much needed element of stress relief into your life. Not to mention those fantastic little fellas ENDORPHINS!!! If I could see them I would KISS them! They have brought me out of a funk many a time ; )
Not only will you get a mood booster, your being good to your body, it needs this exercise, it wants to be healthy, to be strong so it can carry you through your next tough day with ease. Your mind wants the chance to decompress by focusing on just breathing and pushing through another set or another mile. You want it ,deep down to end your day with a feeling of accomplishment and happiness that you took the time, any time, just for you! Because your worth it and your AWESOME!!!!
So next time your schedule it a train wreck are you still gonna get that work out in??? YOU BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!! <3 U!

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