Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Inner Cheerleader!!! Guest post with AWESOME AUSSIE KATE!!!!

So happy and excited to have Kate with guest blogging for me. Kate is a runner and a Sweat Pink sister of mine from Down Under! How cool! As part of we are able to team up with the most inspiring and motivation people you could ever want to meet! So let me hand the mike over to Kate..........

Our Inner Cheerleader
Hello BetterBelieveFit-sters; my name is Kate, and I’m an Australian runner whose blog-land address is I write about all things running, and am currently training for my first marathon.
A little bit of Australiana for you! I live in Sydney.
Like Astrid, I think happiness is the best medicine, so I felt pretty lucky to have Astrid as my blog swap partner for today’s Sweat Pink Ambassador blog swap.
After a bit of thought, Astrid and I agreed that being able to motivate and encourage ourselves on our fitness journey is super important. And so the idea of the ‘inner cheerleader’ was born.
Having friends and family cheer us on is awesome. I can’t write enough about how its important it is to have supporters in your corner.

But a cheer alone won’t get us through. What made you start running/jumping/cross-fitting/swimming/biking in the first place? I’ll bet it wasn’t your husband or girlfriend going ‘yeah! Look at you, getting out of bed on this winter morning!’
But you’re out there anyway.
Here’s one of me, letting my inner cheerleader give me a pep talk before a run
We know that motivation is 90% of the battle. More than anything, it’s your inner cheerleader who gets you out of bed, forces you to finish that long run, or keeps you awake at work after an early morning workout.
Some days my inner cheerleader is peppy and ready to roll. She’s waving her pom poms with pride, and at every mile I hit, she’s saying ‘yes, see, how easy was that? You’re amazing, keep going!’. Then there are other days, where she turns up dishevelled, her hair messy, and her make-up smudged. On those days she’s saying ‘well done, you’re doing great…oh forget it, let’s go back to bed’.
The day my inner cheerleader made me run through puddles...
While having a cheerleader is great, it’s important to keep him or her in check. I know that some people do this with a coach or a running group. But what do you do if you’re on your own? I can vouch for it being much harder! For example, I always found that I would get an amazing workout with a gym instructor in, for example, body pump, but could just never replicate that on my own.
These days, I set goals – a pace, a time, a certain landmark. As long as I go out with a goal, I know I’ll be OK. It gives my cheerleader purpose, and tells her when the training session is going to end. …That way, she looks forward to going off to the movies afterward, instead of looking at her watch and wondering how long it will be this time.
My cheerleader got me through a 10km race a few weeks ago 
For a couple of days now, I’ve been trying to write this post, and it’s made me think about my own inner cheerleader. Today, of all days, I realised just how powerful that inner voice can be. This morning, my chiropractor warned me not to run too much – which, 2 months out from a marathon, I the last news I wanted to hear.
I got upset, and I considered just sitting at home and having a good cry. Suddenly, good old miss cheerleader appeared, mascara smudged, but pom poms at the ready. She convinced me I should do my scheduled work-out for the day – interval training. I used that frustration as a power-burst, and moved my booty harder on the elliptical than I have in quite some time
Sometimes a bit of anger can really boost your performance!
Your Turn:
What gets your inner cheerleader going?
Have you ever been inspired by frustration or anger?
What does your inner cheerleader look like?
Has your cheerleader ever missed a session? How did you coax them back?

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