Sunday, May 20, 2012

A bit about me ; )

So I decided that in honor of reaching 2000 likes at Better Believe Fit, I would share with you a bit about myself and why I am so passionate about health. Not only am I amazed at how good healthy can feel, I am astounded at how simple it is to begin to bring health back into your life. I did not say EASY, just simple. EAT CLEAN, WORK HARD, LOVE YOURSELF!!! I just wanted to say that even though I love the fact that my body has rewarded me with dropping the weight and firming up, its even more rewarding to have control over my health.  : ) I relish knowing that what I am eating is actually benefiting me, its fueling my efforts in the gym, food is no longer a form of entertainment.For me personally to have done this, getting healthy, has changed my life for the better. I pray that you will dig deep and find what it is you need to reach your healthy, happy goals!
I have not always been healthy, far from it! I used to eat fast food ALOT, I would go through Burger King drive through on my way to work, super size EVERY THING and not think twice about doing it again for lunch. I never thought about nutritional content or ingredients, how what I was eating was making me feel. I went through times when I would try to loose weight, I would eat tiny amounts of food and by the end of the day I would be so hungry I would go nuts and binge on anything and everything I could get my hands on. Then I would feel so guilty and disgusted with myself I would purge. Even with that behaviour I still kept the weight on. I tried different diets...Atkins, Weight watchers points. They all led me right back to the junk food and the weight.
I was pretty depressed about the whole situation, but deep down inside I knew there was an answer. I also knew the answer required alot of hard work, and I was not sure if I was able to cut it.

About three years ago, i was in my closet going through my clothes trying to find one thing that fit. I started to wonder when was it that I stopped being important enough to make the effort to be healthy. That's when I decided it was time to make some changes. I bought a treadmill and I started to run for a minute and walk till I caught my breath and from there I just kept working at it. I took a long look at what I was eating. I cut out the junk food, tried to keep it healthy.My husband was a huge help, he had always been in a gym environment high school and college ball, weight training. He had loads of info he had gleaned from fitness magazines and online. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I really did it! I started to see amazing changes, i felt better the weight came off, I did not feel so worthless. I felt and feel like I can face a challenge and win! HA HA then you know what I guess I got a little too cute for my own good and I got pregnant again LOL . Seriously we planned this pregnancy, I did gain weight but I worked out the whole time and I did not go hog wild on the eating like I did with my daughter. I tipped the scale at 211lbs when i delivered with my daughter. So after delivering my son in Sept. 2011 I got right back on track and into the gym, but I still was not really seeing the results I wanted.
I did more research online , read more, watched some great documentaries (Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Food Matters) that really really opened my eyes to what I was putting into my body was sooooooo super important. I knew it was one thing to try to eat healthy but I had never really understood what it meant to eat clean. I discovered the Eat Clean Diet, I read up on it. I mean what could be more simple than eating non processed whole foods THAT SIMPLE!!! Sensible portions, real food!

I have been eating clean for about a year now, and I have been running regularly and I added in HIIT work outs (AHHHMAZING!!) those 20 Min. fat blasters are spectacular!!! I HAVE ABS!!!
I follow some wonderful pages who really helped me with my work outs and inspire me alot. Get Fit Naturally is one of them! I thank Lori for all her AWESOME workouts that got me on the HIIT band wagon ; )

So here are the dreaded before and after pics ; ) Me before I decided to get healthy and me after a really sweaty work out about 3 weeks ago!

I am excited and inspired every day by what eating clean and hard work can do for you mind body and soul!!! Its a wonderful thing these bodies we have, lets give them what they crave!!! Are we getting happy and healthy??? You BETTER BELIEVE FIT!!!
XOXOX, Astrid!


  1. You Rock, Astrid! So many of us have been in your shoes (including me). I decided to change a little over two years and 25 pounds ago and the only time I look back is to see how far I've come in that time. Thanks for being such a great motivator!


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  3. Oops didnt mean to delete it haha.Any way you look amazing! I have 2 kids and after my 2nd was born it was so hard getting back into it, i gained like 50lbs with him.He snow 19 months old & im just starting to see my abs, ugh so hard!I also lost the weight by doing hiit workout,love them!

  4. Just found your page and blog, love it!!! Did u go to IIN ? I'm there now. :D

  5. I found out your blog from BN Shape! you are awesome and an inspiration:) my blog is here - I was just kinda creeping on your page and noticed that you started your page in JANUARY. in months shy of a year you have grown your fan base SO MUCh and have created a strong brand in Better believe fit! i'm amazed by that! i have been thinking about starting a page/brand (maybe even active motivational shirts) for a while...Just trying to see the right way to start going about it...& im defintiely looking at yours since its been so successful! So thank you for not only the motivation, but for the guidance ...obviously if you perservere than you will triumph! When I get it up in running I hope that we can work in conjunction with each other! have an aesome day :)